National Amhara Advocacy Campaign

A Resolution Condemning the Abiy Administrations for attacks against Amhara People:

Dear Amhara Community in America,
We are asking for your help to request the U.S. House of Representatives to pass a resolution condemning the targeted and deliberate attacks against Amharas by the Abiy Administration. The organizers of this campaign have been working very hard to update Congress about the crisis Amharas are facing. We are now asking for your participation. Follow the step-by-step instructions below and PLEASE make the calls EVERYDAY!!!!! It is only 54secs long!!!

Step 1: Find your House of Representative by using the below link:
➢ and enter your ZIP Code.
➢ Write down the name and phone number of your House of Representative.

Step 2: Phone script
Hi, my name is <Name> and I live in <City, State>. I am calling to request my representative <Name of Your Representative> to sponsor a resolution condemning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia for the deliberate targeting and attacks against the Amhara people and requesting an Independent Investigation as to the events from June 21-June 27. Under the pretext of a “coup” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has sent thousands of soldiers to the Amhara Region, resulting in untold number of people killed, wrongfully arresting over 400 Amharas across the country including 83 opposition party members, journalists, shutting down the Internet, and putting an entire people of 35 million under siege. I am asking for my representative to sponsor a resolution to condemn this act and request an independent investigation.

Questions: or

National Amhara Advocacy Campaign organizers:
Amhara Association of America
Amhara Professionals Union (APU)

Note: even if your congressperson is not on the Foreign Affairs Committee, he/she can still sponsor a resolution.

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