Somali Natural Gas For Oromo’ Expansion and Abiy Getting Shielded by China -Mesganaw Andualem

Many have wondered as to why PM. Abiy, Mr. Lemma, and Ahmed Shide, among others, paid a visit to China in the absence of Mr. Gedu, Minister of Foreign Affairs. Some have postulated Mr. Gedu had not officially made an oath statement, thus was absent from the delegate’s visit which he had to lead. This is a very silly argument and does not hold in any standard.

The Abiy-Shide agenda has now become clearer with the events that followed. The Eritrean government has shut down all of its border routes following Abiy’s visit to China. We do not know the exact reason, but we suspect it could be because Abiy and TPLF have reached a consensus over the Somali Natural gas deal. The public statement that there will be Oromo-Somali people-to-people relation will take place on next Wednesday revealed at least half of the secret being performed behind the curtain. The deal we suspect that has happened could be between Abiy, China, and TPLF. This has caused the Eritreans to be mad at Abby and went to close their bordering routes. This might have signaled to Eritrea that they are betrayed. To make this claim truer, there was a demonstration of Eritrean refugees in Addis Ababa yesterday against Asmara’s government. This protest could have been organized by Abiy. We have never heard of any Eritrean refugees resentment in Addis Ababa during the past one year. What has come new then to denounce Asmara’s government? The answer is that it is Abiy’s trick.

The Abiy-TPLF-China deal, presumably, leads to the idea that an extraction of the Somali Natural Gas which the Chinese companies have already signed during the TPLF era. Now, Abby is planning to use that natural gas for the interest of the illusional “Greater Oromia”. At this point, I could not substantiate what TPLF could benefit from it. So, I left it for readers to interlink dotes and make their own hypotheses.

The point here is Ahmed Shide was the key face in the deal as he is loyal to Abiy. Through bringing the Chinese attention, which was highly felt during the TPLF era, Abiy plans to exploit the Somali natural gas. In turn, China has lowered/or canceled (report hard to definitely trust) the interest of the debt Ethiopia owes. So, here, now, Ahmed Shide is the mask of Abiy. And another mask is the people-to-people relation ritual that will take place on next Monday. These are all coverups, while the real deal is the Somali natural gas, the foreign policy shift towards China, and the ambition of “Greater Oromia.”

In the process, Abiy, in doing his highly sensitive foreign and national interest, had to make people, especially of the Amhara very busy. Weeks before they sent in their fighters to Kemisie, Ataye, Majete, and Minjar that slaughtered innocent Amhara and burnt down Churches. Its main purpose was to occupy the minds of the Amhara people and the leading party, ADP. Besides this, they set on fire the Semen Mountains National Park, which caught the entire attention of the Amhara and ADP. Three days before Abiy sent his subservient Sisay Agena, working in ESAT, to create an agenda that would make Amhara and the rest of Ethiopians busy. Sisay brought an agenda of which is decrepit rhetoric of Amhara’s existence or otherwise. Sisay was successful as he found one retarded ILTS professor from AAU who poured nonsense on the identity and struggle of Amhara, that for days served to capture the minds of Amhara and ADP. Then they set their networks in the Gumuz area to kill many Amhara with their arrows, which too caught the attention of the Amhara and ADP. This time around, not only Amhara and ADP but also it occupied the attention of many other Ethiopians. All this havoc is being staged for one obvious reason: to cover up the gambling Abiy is tirelessly working behind the curtain.

Melek, [30.04.19 15:08] To sum up, it is almost a trend that Abiy is causing ethnic conflicts, high profile murders, and destruction of national heritages to control the attention of people while doing behind the scene the agenda of “Greater Oromia.” Abiy and his band, upon fear of losing power, are trying to use whatever opportunities at hand. The China deal marks their departure from Western democracy to the Chinese greed, the same policy TPLF followed for three decades.

This is true when the disappointment of the Western, especially American media, against Abiy’s administration is considered. And America’s involvement that brought Eritrea to make peace with Ethiopia (obviously it has strategic importance) shades some light when Eritrea’s border closure is considered. So, Abiy and his inner circle have turned into China, and they have already set their foreign policy so that Mr. Gedu will only execute on it. They are determined to exploit the Somali natural gas for the interest of Oromia and satisfy their greed for power. That angered Eritrea and the relation of Eritrea and Ethiopia went into its traditional unpredictability status.

To keep the eyes away from what he is doing, Abiy is causing more troubles on innocent Amhara. He is not only trying to control the mind of Amhara but also ADP. He is making ADP busy by planting explosive problems here and there so that ADP will remain uncalm. We can infer from this that Abiy will cause more troubles upon ADP and innocent Amhara until he proves full control of Ethiopia.

Mesganaw Andualem

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