The US Congressman Mike Coffman released a statement on HR-128.

The vicious, atrocious and odious activities persistently perpetrated against innocent Amhara by the fascist TPLF led self-appointed government have finally seem to get a proper attention of the US heavy weight congress officials. Strikingly, similar atrocities happening every day in the Amhara people across the country; just recently, hundreds of thousands Amhara youth and children’s in Weldyia, Kobo and Mersa, North East district of the country, were being randomly butchered and hurled by Agazi TPLF colonials and thrown into Neo-Nazi concentration camps. Human right activists reported, the number of detains thrown to concentration camp are now well over 6 thousand in those three cities. Well over 89 Amhara shot dead, and close to 800 people left with permanent injury.
On Monday January 29, 2018 the Ethiopian civic and political groups, majority leader McCarthy, Rep. Chris Smith and several lawmakers held a detailed discussion on H.Res 128. During the discussion, chairman of Amhara Association in America (AAA), the young and vibrant Tewodros Tirfie, has spoken about the genocide and ethnic cleansing that is taking place in Ethiopia against Amhara people. Following the dialogue, on Monday Feb the 5 th 2018, the US Congressman Mike Coffman released a statement about the deplorable situation, human right violation and ethnic cleansing against the Amhara people. In his own words, Congressman Coffman pointed out that, “ Mr. Tewodrose Tirfe from Amhara Association of America added, The achievements we gained in the successful negotiations with the Majority Leader in accepting all the provisions in the resolved clause will help bring relief to Amhara’s who are being massacred by the regime at this moment. We hope this will bring the attention to the estimated 3 million Amhara’s reported missing in the 2007 Ethiopian Census. We are grateful for Congressman Coffman’s leadership to addressing the dire human rights issues in Ethiopia and being a champion for the Ethiopian-American community”.   For further story click on Here .

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