The U.S. gov’t gave the Ethiopian regime a deadline of 28 days!

The United States on Wednesday, February 01, 2018 has given a 28 days ultimatum to the Ethiopian government to formally announce its consent and allow U.N. human rights investigators unconditional access for the country to investigate human rights violation in Ethiopia specially against the Amhara people.
It is to be remembered, on Monday January 29, 2018 there has been a discussion between representatives of Ethiopian civic and political groups , majority leader McCarthy, Rep. Chris Smith and several lawmakers on H.Res 128. The discussion was regarding HR128 and how it can be put back on the US House of representative’s agenda for voting. During the meeting, an agreement was reached to give the Ethiopian government a fifteen days’ time limit to permit UN representatives autonomous access to investigate the countless human rights violations of the TPLF governemnt.
However, yesterday on a letter that the House majority leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R) sent to the Ethiopian civic and political groups whom he met on Monday, the deadline is extended until February 28, 2018. The majority leader said he had spoken to the Ethiopian authority that they should respond within the specified time by permitting the UN conduct independent examination on human rights violation in the country. Should the government of Ethiopia fail to meet the ultimatum, HR 128 will go directly to US house of representatives for a vote.
According to a statement released by Freedom House last year, the Ethiopian authority was trying to blackmail the United States by threatening not to participate in the fight for terrorism in Somalia, as Congress moves to strengthen human rights and political reform calls in Ethiopia.  For more click Here

 It is remembered congressman Coffman released the statement after the TPLF government pledged to release political prisoners. The press release screenshot is attached below.

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